In todays economic climate with the cost of construction and renovation prices skyrocketing, -why not invest in an affordable low cost 2nd dwelling on your existing house lot.


BAAHOUSE can help you achieve this. We offer verbal onsite advice regarding your extension, discussing alternative layouts and optional extras.


With over 20 years combined experience in the building industry as Professional designers and Architects  Baahouse can give a truly professional service and building outcome.


Every house is designed to fit on a typical size block and situated on the site so they do not need Council Approval. The house is based on 50-70sqm -1,2, bedrooms, laundry, study, kitchen and dining with additional decks and optional extras. New 3 bedroom option.


All designs are approved by an Engineer and then certified by the local Certifiers. After certification Baahouse works in conjuction with established builders to give you a truly unique and high quality finish design that will enhance your life style and give you an investment for the future.




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Rycon works closely with only a few carefully selected architects that we've had a strong relationship with for many years and partnered with on various successful projects over the years.

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